Caravan Skate Team



Sean Spragg


Hometown: Meaford, Ontario

Years Riding: 23+

Stance: Goofy

First Complete: World Industries 7.75”

Current Setup: Caravan 8.5” shop deck, Tensor trucks, Retna wheels, MOB grip

Top 3 Favourite Tricks: 360 flip, kickflip backside tailslide, 50-50 grind

Favourite skate spot: Any parking lot

Biggest skate influences: Mitchie Brusco

Top 5 Favourite Skaters: Mitchie Brusco, Chet Thomas, Stevie Williams, Daewon Song, Chad Muska

Current Sponsors: Caravan Board Shop

Past Sponsors: Hidden Skateboards, TROUBL3 Skateboards

Current top track on the playlist: Atreyu - Lip Gloss and Black

Favourite Quote: “Whoever smelt it dealt it.” — old proverb

What you’re doing when you’re not skateboarding: Working, fishing, spending time with family.

Socials: Instagram - @spraggsean

Discount Code: SEANSPRAGG


Justin Minard

Age: 28

Hometown: Owen Sound, Ontario

Years Riding: 24+

Stance: Goofy

First Complete: Girl 8.0”

Current Setup: Caravan 8.25” shop deck, Krux DLK inverted kingpin trucks, Element 52mm/99A all terrain wheels, Bronson G3 bearings, and Grizzly grip.

Top 3 Favourite Tricks: laser flip, monkey flip, early grab handplant

Favourite skate spot: Niagara Falls Skatepark has always been my favourite place to ride, could be in the fish bowl for hours at a time.

Biggest skate influences: My biggest skate influence was an old homie that’s sadly gone now: Matthew Taylor King. He taught me all my old school tricks, and—no matter what—to always lend a hand to other skaters and be a good person because you never know what people are going through. And my old friend Gage, who always reminds me, “with one push creativity is born”.

Top 5 Favourite Skaters: Bam Margera, Rodney Mullen, Mike Vallely, Daewon Song, and Corey Duffel.

Current Sponsors: Caravan Board Shop, Slipz Skate Wax

Past Sponsors: Reborn Skateboards, Proteus Co Clothing

Current top track on the playlist: MGK - Last November [just really relate to it from my past, and went through something similar]

Favourite Quote: “With one push creativity is born.” — Gage

What you’re doing when you’re not skateboarding: When I’m not skating and not at work selling cellphones, I enjoy getting out for walks, going fishing, and spending time with the boys. I have also gotten back into art/painting again, and enjoy spending time with family.

Socials: Instagram - @justinminard1 @justin746.fb | Youtube - @justinminard1



Ty Head

Age: 24

Hometown: Owen Sound, Ontario

Years Riding: 22+ [I broke my elbow jumping on a new deck on the couch when I was 2 years old.]

Stance: Regular

First Complete: Bam Margera 7.75”

Current Setup: Gnarmy 8.5” deck, Independent trucks, Retna wheels, Shake Junt bearings and grip, Philly’s blue hardware.

Top 3 Favourite Tricks: heelflip, back crook shuv out, treflip

Favourite skate spot: Anywhere!!!

Biggest skate influences: Tj Rogers, Neen Williams, Sean Spragg

Top 5 Favourite Skaters: Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Paul Rodriguez, Neen Williams, Tj Rogers

Current Sponsors: Caravan Board Shop, Assbrand

Past Sponsors: Reborn Skateboards

Current top track on the playlist: DMX - The Rain

Favourite Quote: “It’s not about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” — Rocky

What you’re doing when you’re not skateboarding: I’m a stay at home dad of my 2.5 year old boy and my 2 dogs, just being a dad and cleaning and doing the most. I’m also a sponsored finger-boarder!

Socials: Instagram - @reckless_nonsense @reckless.fb

Discount Code: TYHEAD


Ivory Lee Springer IV [aka Captain Krons]

Age: 29

Hometown: Windsor, Ontario

Years Riding: 17

Stance: Regular

First Complete: ATM deck, Independent trucks, Spitfire wheels, Bones Reds bearings

Current Setup: Comacan deck, Independent trucks, OJ wheels, Rx bearings, Film rails

Top 3 Favourite Tricks: backside bag lady, 50-50 frontside shuv, blunt pull-in

Favourite skate spot: The park.

Biggest skate influences: My biggest skate influence is the homie, Craig Odette. Always pushing me to be the best version of myself.

Top 5 Favourite Skaters: My closest homies are my favourite skaters.

Current Sponsors: Caravan Board Shop, Amateurs in Paradise

Past Sponsors: Bliss Skate Shop, Ferda Skate Co, Slipz Wax, Anchor Leaf

Current top track on the playlist: Anthropologies - QWAN

Favourite Quote: "Who's skating?" - unknown

What you’re doing when you’re not skateboarding: Usually hanging with my son, art, gaming, growing plants and flowers.

Socials: Instagram - @captainkrons

Discount Code: KRONS


Carlo Borg [aka Strive]

Age: 22

Hometown: Brampton, Ontario

Years Riding: 10+

Stance: Regular

First Complete: Flip deck, Independent trucks, Spitfire wheels, Bones Reds bearings, Grizzly grip tape.

Current Setup: Doll 8.25" deck, Independent trucks, Spitfire Wheels, Bones Reds bearings, Grizzly grip tape.

Top 3 Favourite Tricks: kickflip, pop shuv, nollie three shuv

Favourite skate spot: Is a local one block near where I live, next to a gas station. Perfect size for practicing any tricks down a gapped object.

Biggest skate influences: Vincent Nava from 10c41, Fillepe Mota from Primitive

Top 5 Favourite Skaters: Vincent Nava, Lido Junior, Nyjah Huston, Mason Silva, Cody Davis

Current Sponsors: Caravan Board Shop

Past Sponsors: None

Current top track on the playlist: Levi Bloom - Brave

Favourite Quote: "Why worry about yesterday when your future success lays ahead of you tomorrow" - Strive

What you’re doing when you’re not skateboarding: Either writing music, editing, or spending time with family and loved ones.

Socials: Instagram - @cb.strive @ruthless.roots | TikTok - @ruthless.roots @cb.strive | Youtube - @cb.strive

Discount Code: CBSTRIVE


Will Crocco

Age: 37

Hometown: Fredericton, New Brunswick

Years Riding: 10+

Stance: Regular

First Complete: Shorty's Guilty deck, circa 2001 w/ Grind King inverted trucks, Bones Reds bearings, and Enjoi wheels

Current Setup: Landyachtz 9.75" Landyachtz 'Ditch Life' ATV-X, Bear 155mm trucks, OJ 'Superr Juice' 60mm/87a wheels, Bones Reds bearings.

Top 3 Favourite Tricks: backside boneless, frontside air, sweepers

Favourite skate spot: Kimble Skatepark in Fredericton, New Bruncwick. Is saying my private garage mini ramp cheating? Or just bragging? You decide!

Biggest skate influences: My younger brother Warren ffor getting me into skating in the first place, Tony Hawk for everything he's done for skateboarding, and Andy Anderson for inspiring me to start skateboarding again after 16 years.

Top 5 Favourite Skaters: Bucky Lasek for his absolutely beautiful vert skating, Tony Trujillo and Alex Chalmers for taking skatepark riding to the next level, Ben Koppl for his incredible and creative flow and laid-back style, and Christopher Heitt.

Current Sponsors: Caravan Board Shop, Landyachtz (Affiliate Team)

Past Sponsors: My mom.

Current top track on the playlist: I've been totally obsessed with this song Back Then by Jessica Boudreaux, an awesome indie pop songwriter. I've also been listening to Dune Rats on repeat for about two years - Pamela Aniston is a 15/10 song.

Favourite Quote: "Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you." - Walt Whitman, American Poet and Essayist

What you’re doing when you’re not skateboarding: Spending time with my wife, hanging out with our dogs, playing guitar, watching movies, listening to music, reading, and making art.

Socials: Instagram - @adventurewillcrocco | Youtube - @skate_oasis

Discount Code: WILLCROCCO


Ashlynn Barrett Tucker [aka Thrashlynn]

Age: 8

Hometown: Kemptville, Ontario

Years Riding: 1.5

Stance: Regular

First Complete: 7.35" Enjoi 

Current Setup: 7.5" Mini Ripperz, Independent trucks, SML wheels, Bronson G3 bearings, Philly's hardware, Powell Rib Bones rails

Top 3 Favourite Tricks: kickflips, blunts, disasters

Favourite skate spot: Akwesasne Skatepark and Thrashlynn DiY (backyard mini-park)

Biggest skate influences: Local skaters who always had time to skate with me and encourage me to try new things: Justin, Maeve, Kade, Xavier, Sasha, Jaquie.

Top 5 Favourite Skaters: Annie Guglia, Casey Mcdonald, Scotty, Rodney Mullen, Dan Corrigan

Current Sponsors: Caravan Board Shop, Slipz Skate Wax

Past Sponsors: Mom & Dad

Current top track on the playlist: Cinderella Snapped, by Jax

Favourite Quote: "Let's GOOOO!"

What you’re doing when you’re not skateboarding: Being active, practicing gymnastics outside, or building my muscles at Kemptville Crossfit. When I finally need a break I can usually be found doing some form of artwork, or playing with my sisters and brothers. 

Socials: Instagram - @thrashlynnn 

Discount Code: THRASHLYNN




Caravan Skate Team submissions are now open to everyone, Canada-wide! 🇨🇦 

Benefits include: FREE skate gear to keep you at the top of your game, a personalized discount code for our online shop to share with friends/family/followers, free in-store service/repairs, team-branded softgoods, and tons of love from the shop ❤️

Open to skaters of all ages. If you’re under 18, please have a parent/guardian on standby in the event you’re selected to join the team.


To enter:

(1) Send a 2-3 minute compilation of your best skate clips, along with your name, age, hometown, and socials to:

(2) Be following @caravanboardshop on Instagram


Team submissions will be left open indefinitely, so there will be no deadline.

Selections begin June 15th, 2024.

Successful applicants will be contacted via email, and announced on our Instagram page and website.


Good luck :)


— Caravan Board Shop 🛹