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Bear Gen 6 180mm 50d Trucks - Amethyst Color Shift

Bear Gen 6 180mm 50d Trucks - Amethyst Color Shift

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Gen 6 Grizzlies are designed for responsive deep carving and maneuverability. Compared to previous generations, we have added rake and offset to the Gen 6 Grizzlies to increase responsiveness and maneuverability without sacrificing stability. Along the way, we have also increased strength while decreasing weight meaning that these trucks can take a beating and keep coming back for more. 

Also new for Gen 6, we are setting these trucks up with an insert bushing that keeps the hanger centred around the kingpin as the truck articulates. This lets you run your trucks looser without feeling twitchy or sloppy, unlocking even deeper carves and tighter turns. 

The purpose of this truck is to provide the type of strength, durability, responsiveness and feel that you’ve come to expect from our products, and they do just that. With options for three different hanger widths and two baseplate angles, these trucks work well with almost any setup. Take your setup to the next level with a set of Gen 6 Grizzlies. 

*price is for a pair

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