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Into The Wild Todd Bratrud Dinglehopper (V-Ply) [Custom]

Into The Wild Todd Bratrud Dinglehopper (V-Ply) [Custom]

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This Into The Wild ‘Dinglehopper’ is a v-ply deck, which is going to mean a natural flex and unique board feel unlike anything you get in standard horizontally-laminated decks. It also means the ability to craft a deck with beautiful exposed v-ply layups like you see showing through the grip on this board.

The 59mm/80a Speedlab ‘Globes’ feature a 70d urethane core to make for a fast, smooth setup that won’t get caught up on rocks/cracks/debris, and would be great for filming or cruising.

Fabiana Delfino Bronson G3s as the bearing choice for this setup was a no-brainer, with their top-of-the-line performance and the perfect graphic for these wheels. 

We top this build off with some Indy 169s, some colourful hardware from Philly’s, and MOB Clear Cannabis Leaf griptape. 


Length: 32”
Width: 9”
Wheelbase: 15”


Trucks: Independent Stage XI 169mm Polished Silver

Wheels: Speedlab ‘Globes’ 59mm/80a

Bearings: Fabiana Delfino Bronson G3s

Griptape: MOB clear cannabis leaf 

Hardware: Philly’s 1” ‘Candy’

Risers: Independent 1/8” (soft)

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